respace: a fresh take on arranging, refining and organizing.

re’space v. to create a new feel for your home by refining, organizing and refreshing the things you have for a space that is livable; functional and comfortable; no big budgets, no attitude, no judgments.

We firmly believe home design and organizing can be beautiful and livable without a large budget. Our process begins by talking with you and collaborating on a new feel for your room or your home. Then we refine, rearrange, reorganize and provide that needed "eye" to create a more fluid, more efficient space with the pieces and things you already have. Our style is clean and minimal, yet comfortable. Whether you are moving, combining households, downsizing, upsizing, or just want a fresh take on your home, respace can make the space where you live the space that you love.

Respace understands that everyone is different and our approach is designed to accommodate those differences. Respace lends itself to defining and installing personalized and detailed client-specific services. Respace does not just arrange, organize, and place, we put thought into function and aesthetics, to make your space an extraordinary home.  

We are committed to helping you maximize and idealize your space. We will approach every job with the strictest confidentiality and we will do everything possible to be sensitive to your needs and to ensure the process is comfortable for you. No big budgets, no attitude, no judgments.

Confidential, Fully Insured, References available upon request.

Respace - Chicago Home Magazineís July/Augustís 2007 selection for Need to Know in Chicago

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